Dirty Talking Women are What You Need

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are what you need in your life. I talk dirty on and off the phone. There is something hot about a mommy saying nasty things to her sons and daughters. Do you agree? My sons and daughters love that I am a dirty talking mommy. My oldest son from my first marriage, came over last night. I was talking super nasty telling him to eat my wet mommy pussy and fuck my mommy whore ass. His dick was dripping at the prospect of being my mother fucker again. He loves fucking him mommy, but we don’t talk lovey dovey. We talk dirty. He calls me his whore. My pussy is his fucking playground. I was calling him my dirty mother fucker as he pounded my ass. He fucked my ass so hard too. The dirtier my mouth, the harder his cock. He rammed it in and out of me, pulling my hair and slapping my ass. I came so hard over and over. I love that my son treats me more like his whore than his mother.  How do you want to treat me, baby?

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