Dirty Talking Women Are Whores Everywhere They Go


Dirty Talking Women Love Being Whores in Public…

Dirty talking women like me deserve to get taken on expensive vacations and fucked on every surface of the hotel. I didn’t even need to pack clothes really. Any clothes I tried to put on got ripped off me. But he didn’t even wait for us to get in the room before he started to make me cum. At the airport he sent me to the bathroom to slide a remote controlled vibrator into my cunt. That vibrator was teasing my cunt for the entire 3 hr flight. I had to fight not to scream while he tried to make me cum over and over.dirty talking women

…Cock Loving, Married Phone Sex Slut in Private

This shaved wet pussy needed a thick cock inside of it. Balls deep. As soon as the plane landed I dragged him to the nearest bathroom. I was a cock crazed little whore. I was ripping his belt off and yanking down his pants. My mouth was watering for a taste of that meat stick. I was fucking my own face with his cock. His hands were on the back of my head making sure I took that cock all the way down my throat. He loves a sloppy throat fucking.
I pulled the vibrator out of my cunt and tried to force my fist inside again. My pussy was just as sloppy wet as my mouth and tits. When I could finally pull his head off my cock. I begged him to fill my cunt too. He gave me what I wanted and crammed his spit covered dick into my slut pussy. Nothing felt so fucking good after teasing my cunt for hours. I was squirting all over his cock immediately. My pussy was squeezing his cock and he didn’t fucking stop. He didn’t pull his cock out until he was ready to cum. He pulled that cock out and jizzed all over my face. Then told me to clean up my mess.

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