Dirty Talking Women are Whores

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best kind of women. My life is dirty, so it makes sense that my mouth would be too. I have a family of sexy prostitutes. Tender age whores are profitable. We had a request for a mother daughter duo last week. He had a specific age in mind for the daughter. I brought my youngest girl with me to meet the client. He fell in love with her at hello, so we came back later that night for the play date. He wanted the daddy experience. He wanted me to act like I was his wife, and we were training our daughter to be a good fuck slut for the family. My daughter was a born to be a whore. She knows how to milk cocks and milk wallets. She acted like she was a virgin. She played the part of a virgin daughter perfectly. Daddy and I taught our baby girl how to suck cock. After some intensive oral training, daddy took her virginity.  I licked her sweet bald pussy first to get her super wet, then I guided daddy’s big dick into her tiny cunnie. She moaned and groaned as daddy pumped his big dick into her tiny pussy. He fucked mommy too. He came in his sweet baby girl’s cunt and mommy licked it out. I am a nasty cum whore. I will lick cum out of any hole. I will also sell my daughters for the right price too. I am not just a dirty talker. I am a dirty whore.

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