Dirty Talking Women Are Wild Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women

My little sex secret? I can stick a whole fist inside my own pussy among other things! I found this out after a big creampie gangbang I had a few months back, all 10 of these sexy guys came inside me and eventually I was so full of cum that I could barely feel their cocks sliding inside me. I reached down to slid a couple of fingers in with their cocks and eventually I found that I was stretched out enough by their dicks fucking me open, that I could slide a whole fist in my cunt! This lead me to be even more curious, I felt like I could slide something bigger in, this time I told one of the studs from the gangbang to grab my old softball bat from the closet. He shoved the end inside me and I squirted so hard all over it! It was absolutely the best orgasm of the night! They all watched in amazement as I came over and over again on that hard wooden bat, as I saw them stroking their cocks hard again I knew it would be a long night of gaping my holes completely.

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