Dirty Talking Women At the Grocery Store

Dirty Talking Women

This sexy BBW was shopping at the grocery store when I caught your eye. I couldn’t help but to wiggle my big vivacious ass as I bent over to pick up a bottle of wine from the bottom shelf. I could feel my short knit skirt ridding up my ass. I was pretty sure you were getting a peak of my hot wet pussy since this big beautiful girl never wears panties. As you were still watching me I noticed that the vegetable isle was just a row across. I spotted a nice thick long cucumber and went and picked it . I placed it between my great big tits and started pretending it was a cock. Your cock became so hard that I thought it was going to explode in your pants right there in the grocery store. You decide to be bold and you walked over to me. You told me why play with a substitute cock when you can have the real thing. You grabbed my hand and lead me through the plastic strips to the employee only part of the produce section. You bent me over some boxes and shove your big thick cock into my soaking wet pussy. Your cock rubs against my G-spot and I scream out in ecstasy just as you shoot your hot jizz inside my well fucked cunt.

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