Dirty Talking Women Can Be Dirty Grandmas

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are grandmas too. I am not your typical granny, however. No blue hair. I do not smell like moth balls. I do not wear housecoats and slippers. I do not pinch cheeks and bake cookies. I do, however, walk around naked, suck cock, fuck horny boys and eat schoolgirl pussy. I am a dirty grandma with big tits and a voracious sexual appetite. My oldest grandson is 19. He had a pool party for Fourth of July yesterday. He invited all his teenage friends. I squeezed my 44 EEEs into a string bikini and stole the pool party. I love being the belle of the ball. Horny teen boys were grabbing on to my flotation devices like they just went down on the Titanic. I love the attention. Boys who want to grope me and boys who pop chubbies in their pants around me, are the kind of boys I want to fuck. I was a gang bang granny last night. I would lean against the pool ladder with my bikini bottoms off and one boy at a time would fuck my pussy or ass. They all got a trip on the merry go granny. I was making all their fireworks explode in my holes. Happy Fourth of July horny boys!

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