Dirty Talking Women can be Mommies too!

Richard was the hardest man to please. Something is always wrong. When He complained about my 3 cock hungry little whores, I knew he was just a little bitch who didn’t know what he really wanted. So when he walked into my place again tonight. I sent him right to a room. When I walked in he said he was looking for something younger. “No, you are going to get what I fucking give you.” He laughed and said he had no problem calling cps on me and informing them of my business. I threw photos at him with his cock deep inside of my youngest daughter’s pussy. “Not before I call the police on you. Now lay the fuck down bitch.” He gulped and laid down. I took my top off and climbed up on the bed. I sat my hairy mommy cunt on his face. “Eat this pussy till I cum all over your fucking face bitch. For now on, you pay to eat my pussy!” He left happy as can be. He just needed a mommy to tell him what to do.

Dirty Talking Women

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