dirty talking women can be punished

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can be punished, and that’s okay. I don’t mind a big cock getting shoved deep into my asshole. Go right ahead and slam me with your cock. Show me I belong on my knees begging for mercy and looking up at you like the god you are and how you own me. It will be a long night if I don’t show you what I enjoy. All I need is guidance from a real alpha man who will bury his big cock deep inside each hole of mine and make me cry.

It’s so true. I don’t care about myself; I have little to no self-esteem and crave all your attention. I want you to push forward with who you are and show me that I am a woman who is good for nothing. It’s so true; all I am suitable for is letting you use me and make me your spit target.

Let me take all the beatings I can from you and show me it is my turn to crawl.

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