Dirty Talking Women Can be Sexy Transsexuals Too

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can be transsexuals too. I have a fowl mouth and a killer body. I love to being a shemale phone sex slut. Now, when I say slut understand I am not a beta bitch. I am a sexy dominant tranny. I am clear about that on the phone and in person. I have a ten-inch cock and I am in my thirties. I call the shots. That does not mean I cannot be equal with a worthy man. It just means I will not be a bottom for an unworthy man. Sometimes, I meet assholes like Jerry who need to understand that what I say is law. I do not play games. I do not play hard to get either. For me, it is about respect. A sexy shemale with a hard, working, ten-inch cock deserves respect. A man with a limp 4-inch nub does not. So, I showed Jerry who the bigger man was when he got disrespectful. Out of about every 100 guys I meet, I meet one who thinks his cock is bigger than it actually is. I am not playing the beta bitch to appease the ego of a man who should not have that ego to begin with. When Jerry resorted to name calling because I would not let him worm his shrimp dick in my asshole, I showed him how to really fuck an ass. My sexy tranny cock can do some damage. A little flaccid dick cannot. Now, it is Jerry sitting on an inner tube licking his wounds. Now at least though he understands he is a beta bitch for life.

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