Dirty Talking Women Can be Shemales

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be trannies too. I love being a sexy shemale and a dirty talker. I have been a shemale phone  operator for almost a decade now. Once this virus hit, I was glad I worked from home. I could stay in place and make money. And masturbate all day long. I have tried traditional jobs, but they never worked out well. I was mocked or sexually harassed. I do not have that problem here. Men know what I am, and they want what I got. I was swamped on the phone yesterday. It was Mother’s Day, so that took me by surprise. I thought horny men would want to have mommy fantasies explored but many wanted my sexy tranny cock. I had a marathon masturbation session with this one guy who wanted so desperately to meet a shemale. He is a bottom bitch in need of a top. He is also a backdoor virgin. He has never even flicked a dick before. I was happy to help him feel like my sexy shemale cock was up his ass. I asked a bunch of questions and discovered he was married. A middle-age wife would have sex toys and I knew where to tell him to look. I waited on the line for a bout 5 minutes and he came back and told me he found two. One was a dildo and the other was a vibrator. I had my sexy toys ready too. He just needed some lube. He had to settle on some Jergen’s lotion. It would not hurt him. I helped him breathe and work the sex toys in his ass. It was a struggle for him. I heard a few yelps, but that is to be expected. In the end, he popped his ass cherry and got a taste for having a tranny cock up his ass. I love my job.

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