Dirty Talking Women Can Be Sissy Trainers Too

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women love femboys. I raised two femboys. They attend high school. However, when they were little, I knew they would never be big burly men. They loved to play in mommy’s clothes. They preferred their sister’s Barbie dolls. But lucky for them, I already new how to be a sissy mom. As a sissy trainer, I had dressed plenty of boys. And I helped many men transform into femboys. So, my boys won the lottery with me as their mom.

Last night we went out as a family. My boys dressed in girly clothes like always. But I did something special for them this time. I did their hair and makeup. I am very skilled with hair and makeup. While at the restaurant no one seemed to think I was out with my femboys. Everyone we met said what beautiful girls I had. And that made them feel good.

A Sissy Mom Creates the Best Femboys

Since my femboy sons seemed like they were on cloud nine, I decided to make their night even better. I invited two black lovers over. They love big black cock. So, I thought I would let them have some. Sort of an end of another school year present. They still have a few more weeks, but we celebrated early. Jerome and Jamal do not care who is sucking their cock. In their words, a mouth is a mouth.

However, I use them with my sissy boys too. They are part of any sissy’s training. Watching my femboy sons devour those big black cocks turned me on. They might take after their mommy. I love big black cocks too. They did not get fucked. Not yet. They may not be virgins, but they have not had a big black cock up their ass yet. Just their mouths. We are working our way up to that. Baby steps. I felt like a proud mama watching them suck those dicks. Before long, I will watch them get fucked in their backdoor pussy.


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