Dirty Talking Women Can Be Sissy Trainers

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can be sissy trainers too. I have been a dominant woman all my life. Just who I am. A confident, sexy woman who takes no shit from any guy. Most men want to be my sissy. Some, however, become a sissy unwillingly. It is not my nature to force a guy into doing anything he does not want, but I will never let a man force himself on me or treat me with disrespect. Not who I am. When I met Matt on Tinder, he agreed to not get rough with me. I was clear that I am a dominant woman. I can be equal with a man, but never submissive. He was just looking for a sexy woman to fuck. I just wanted a big cock. This guy lied. Not only did he lie about having a big cock, but he also lied about just wanting to fuck. He wanted to make me his bitch. He was a misogynistic asshole, and I did not take kindly to his attempts to own me. I gave him some cock and ball torture. I am stronger than I look. I told him I am a professional dominatrix and a sissy trainer, but he did not believe he had messed with the wrong woman until I texted for backup. I brought over a black bull to show my Tinder date some proper manners. He fucked his ass so hard that my Tinder date might never walk straight again. I told him I was a woman not to be messed with.

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