Dirty talking women can be so nasty!

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like me are a rare breed don’t you think? Most women won’t talk about the truly filthy things I talk about every single day and I think that is a shame don’t you? Like most women won’t tell you just how fucking horny they get when they start their period… but I will! When I get my period I am a total shameless whore, I become the kind of woman that stalks men if I have to, just so that I can get a big fat cock inside this slippery cunt of mine! Dirty talking women like me will tell you how they love the fact that their period blood makes their pussies so much wetter than usual, we’ll tell you how much we’ve been craving a cock to pound away our cramps and how good it feels to squirt that shit all over your cock. Dirty talking women like me will ask you to piss on our faces and shit on our chest before you shove your cock up our dirty assholes. I’m not afraid to get nasty like most women are, the nastier you are, the more you degrade me and make me feel like a whore, the more I feel alive! Bend me over, force me to shit and shove your dick up my ass baby, fuck me hard! Once you fill that dirty asshole up with your cum I will lick your fucking cock clean and beg you for more! They don’t make bitches dirtier than me, that I know for sure because most women are prissy little bitches that are afraid to get dirty…but not me… I love getting dirty and I am not afraid to beg for it! I need that cock bad baby, are you going to give me what I need?

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