Dirty Talking Women Can Be Transsexuals

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be transexuals too. Guys never guess I am a sexy shemale when they meet me. I was at dinner last night with a mixed group of people. Some were friends, some were strangers. The hot topic of discussion was Miss Nevada. The first transsexual beauty pageant winner. This one couple at dinner was like they knew she was transgendered. I called bullshit because she is even more beautiful than me and they had no clue I was a sexy T-girl. A couple of my friends at the table knew and were looking at me. They know I struggle to keep my mouth shut about such topics. I told them I had a bunch of shemale friends, and I never would have guessed Miss Nevada was a T-girl. They started talking about Adam’s apples and bulges. Miss Nevada has neither. And neither do I. We took our dinner party back to their place for nightcaps. I wanted so much to take my dress off in the restaurant. While back at their place, we were all drinking wine liberally. Things got amorous because the couple are swingers. I go with the flow. The guy came on to me. Told me I was the most beautiful woman he has seen in a long time. Now, I had my chance to shock the fuck out of him. We went into his bedroom while others hooked up. He undressed me and when my cock made an appearance he fell back in shock. Now, he was not the tool I was expecting when he discovered my secret. He begged to suck my dick. Fell to my knees and said he always wanted to suck a T-girl cock. I gave him what he wanted. And more. I fucked his ass too. He told me to not tell his wife I had a cock bigger than his. I think he did not want to share me.

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