Dirty Talking Women Can Castrate You Even If You Don’t Ask


dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be sadistic as fuck or as loving as a mommy. I am in the sadistic as fuck category. I do not do mommy calls or gfe calls. Hell, I am not the typical dirty talking woman at all. I work for the snuff site of the company because I do not play well with others. Oh, and I enjoy castrating men and killing anyone who annoys the fuck out of me. And with a few exceptions, that would be most people.

No one crosses me, fucks me over or annoys me twice. You might say I have a killer reputation. Just the other day, I castrated a man in a bar who attempted to roofie my drink. He thought I did not notice. But I notice everything. Absolutely everything. Nothing ever escapes me. In my defense, you must be a moron to come into a Goth bar and try to roofie a girl who looks like Wednesday Addams.

No One Crosses Me and Lives for Long

I switched the drinks when he turned away, and when he started acting drunk, I knew the roofie kicked in. I escorted him to the bathroom and castrated him in the stall. No one will report me in that bar. The patrons there all have my back. I’ve been going there since I turned 18 over a decade ago. We do not take kindly to men who think Goth girls are disposable. I know we are not and so do fellow Goth men.

I always keep a knife on me. So, I sat him on the commode, yanked his jeans down and severed his balls. He will wake up in a pool of his vomit and blood and see his balls removed. I cauterized the wound so he would not die on the premises. If we had been anywhere else, I would have killed him. Although he might think he was unlucky, it turned out to be his lucky day. I’ve done worse to men who did less than him.

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