Dirty Talking Women Celebrate Global Beatles Day

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be Beatles fans. I am in my late 50s. I grew up listening to the Beatles. Did you know Global Beatles Day is coming up? I passed my love for the Fab Four onto my daughter and son. We love fucking to classic rock music. Last year, we had a special celebration. The night before this special holiday, I took my son and daughter to see Paul McCartney. It was as close as we would ever get to seeing The Beatles. It was an awesome concert that made me super wet. We came home, put on Abbey Road and fucked, knowing that it was officially Global Beatles Day after midnight. Dirty talking women like me enjoy playing with their offspring too. Good taste in music is not the only thing I passed on to my son and daughter. I gave them a love for family fun too. My son ate my pussy and his sister’s cunt.  I have a hairy pussy and my daughter has a tight bald cunt. While my son was eating me, I was singing “Here Comes the Sun,” and eating my daughter’s pussy. Good music inspires me. I am a better incest sex slut when I am listening to The Beatles. My daughter was squirting on my face and I was squirting on my son’s face. My son fucked me first. His cock was raging hard for his mommy and sister. I fingered my daughter’s pussy while her older brother fucked me to the rhythm of “Come Together.” We love to cum together. It was just a wonderfully kinky night of Beatles music and family fucking. It will be hard to top Global Beatles Day this year. There are no concerts anytime soon, but dirty talking women know how to make their own fun.

dirty talking women

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