Dirty Talking Women Christmas Sex Toy Shopping

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love naughty Christmas gifts. My husband has a tiny dick. He is my cuckold more than my husband. I love him even though I don’t fuck him. We have a holiday tradition. We shop together for a gift for me all 24 days before Christmas.  Yesterday, we shopped at the local adult sex shop. I picked out a huge black dildo. Even though it was for me, it was a  gift for the both of us. My husband is a black cock faggot and I am a black cock whore. We were so turned on by the realness of the dildo. Turns out it was molded in the shape of Sean Michael’s cock. He is a monster black porn star I’ve been dying to fuck for decades. Him and Lexington Steele are the reason I am such a black cock slut.  I had to try it out. I couldn’t even wait to get home. I pulled my pink panties off, sat on a chair in the clothing area and fucked myself with a big ass black porn star dildo. It was so fleshy and thick. A small crowd gathered around me to watch. They were in awe and amazement that my MILF pussy could handle such a big sex toy. If they only knew I was used to big black dicks in my pussy. This was going to be the best Christmas gift ever because if we get snowed in like we do every winter, now I have a facsimile of a huge black cock so my pussy won’t get empty nest syndrome. After I squirted all over my new gift, I pulled it out of my sloppy wet pussy and fed it to my husband. He gagged and sputtered, but cleaned every drop of my hot juice off my new best friend. Merry Christmas indeed.

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