Dirty Talking Women Control You!

You shouldn’t fear the control that Dirty talking women have over you. It’s indeed a weakness. You are a man and men are prone to weaknesses. The biggest weakness is a mama’s boy at the feet of an attractive, lasciviously confident woman. Well that sums up the relationship you will be having with me. Like many of my groveling ground kisses men that just can’t get enough of my seductive way with them. I am the Mistress that will make you her bitch. I will have you worshipping my feet by slowly kissing all over the tops while I wear my leather heels. You will ease a foot from my sexy high heel and slowly lick the length of my sole. Your tongue will work between each and every toe as you slowly start to gaze up at my sexy panties under my skirt. I am standing over you because I own you. You will continue to worship both feet and up my legs until your nose grazes my clit.

Dirty Talking Women

You are my bitch and will dive into this sweet snatch and enjoy the nectar of your Goddess. I will feed you my piss and you will lap it up with gratitude. You are indebted to me for me giving you the opportunity to serve me. I will allow you to watch as some big daddy dick fucks my pussy. You are going to be a good pussy cleaner and cock sucker for your Mistress, aren’t you cum eater? You do a good job and make me cum and I will be sure to allow you a chance to really suck that cock like a faggot. I will make you a cum eating cock sucking faggot that takes it in the ass. I will be the first to fuck that ass though and it will be my pleasure.

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