Dirty Talking Women Cuckold Their Ex’s

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women know a lot about fetishes. I didn’t have a traditional Christmas this year. My family and I aren’t close. My daughter and I are close, but she was with her dad this holiday. So, I spent the day with my loser ex-husband number two. We divorced because his dick was too small.  Way too small. He was my cuckold. He still his. He wants me back. He claims he would let me have all the lovers I want. Duh. I don’t need permission to fuck big dick. When he arrived, I had a hung lover over. Not just any lover either. It was my ex-brother in law. The holidays are about family, right? I clearly married the wrong brother. My ex-husband’s baby brother had twice the cock. He knew how to make it last and his cock can come bucket loads. I enjoyed fucking his brother in front of him.  Even enjoyed making my ex-husband fluff his brother’s cock. I know, I am so bad sometimes. They are half-brothers, but clearly one daddy was bigger than the other. As my loser ex sucked his brother’s purple head, I hurled small dick humiliation slams. My ex wants back with me? Well, he needed a healthy dose of reality. He needed to know just what being my cuckold really means. I knew it was too much for him. Good riddance. I only want big dicks in my life anyway. Merry Christmas to me. I got my brother in law’s 9 inch hard cock for hours.

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