Dirty talking women do it better!

dirty talking womenDirty talking women do it better, there’s just no getting around that fact! We’re more open to trying new things and nothing ever shocks us so it definitely makes the sex ten times hotter… or at least that’s what my boyfriend John tells me anyway. He always wants to talk before we fuck, he says that all those little dirty things I whisper in his ear turn him on and get him so fucking hard that he can’t even think straight! Just seeing him like that gets me very wet, I just love making him that turned on! He fucks me so hard, so deep and so good all because of a little dirty phone talk beforehand! I swear if more women would stop being afraid to be a little dirty, their men would be so much happier. But whatever, those prudish bitches can keep on being prudes and I will be over here taking all their men because I’m not afraid to get nasty! I love being dirty and I don’t think I will ever change, why would I want to? I’ve been a dirty girl for as long as I can remember. it’s far too late to be a good girl now!

dirty phone talk

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