Dirty Talking Women Dominate

dirty talking womenDirty phone talk always makes my pussy wet. I love my kinky callers. I have one who wants me to dominate him. Like physically dominate him. He wants me to wrap his head so tightly between my thighs that I put him to sleep, like knock his ass out. Then I take advantage of him. I undress him and grab my bottle of lube. I squeeze it on his tight little asshole and put a huge wad on the tip of this pretty pink butt plug I have picked out just for him. I slowly push it in. Pushing and shoving until only the jewel is showing. It is one of those fancy ones, the vibrating type. I push the button and sit back and wait. He comes too with a big hard cock. He looks up at me sitting back in the chair with my feet across his back and the remote in my hand. I put my finger to my mouth to shush him. He isn’t worthy of speaking to me just yet. Instead, I move my finger for him to crawl to me. I move my legs off his back and spread them. I guide his face between my legs and tell him to get me off. Suck on my clit I tell him. I turn the remote up – I can even hear the vibrations now. His cock his hard and he is moaning but like a good little boy he continues munching on my twat. I grab his head and push him in deeper. I grind on his face. My slit going up and down his nose. His face is wet with my juices and as I feel myself getting ready to orgasm, I hold him tighter. I squirt into his mouth. His moans feel like a vibrator. I quiver and twitch until I am completely drained. Now it is time to take care of you baby. Why don’t you call me, and we can have a little dirty phone talk?

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