Dirty Talking Women Don’t Just Talk Dirty

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are often dirty fucking skanks too. I don’t just talk the talk, I live the life. When I am talking dirty to my callers, it is 99% based in actual dirty experiences. I’m a submissive whore and a cum dumpster. I do anything men tell me. I love telling them my real life degrading experiences too. Last week, I was with my master. We ran across a few black men while shopping for a dog collar for me. The brothers took a shine to this blonde bimbo. Master saw that and offered up his dirty ho to them to gang bang. I was not excited because I know black guys have huge dicks and like to hurt a white bitch; but no way I was saying no to master. That would have brought on a world of pain for me. I’m not ready for that! I went back to their motorcycle club with them. Master followed us. He watched his favorite bitch get gang banged by a band of black Harley riders. They didn’t just fuck me either. They pissed on me. They slapped me around. They pulled my hair caveman style. They sodomized my ass. They filmed my abuse and degradation too. Master stroked his cock the entire time. I think he enjoyed watching me get used as much as the brothers enjoyed using me.

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