Dirty Talking Women Drain Your Balls

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know how to make you cum. I have been making men cum since before I was an adult. I love doing it too. It makes me feel good to drain a pair of heavy balls. Young or old, related or not, I love making you cum. It started with my brothers. I was the youngest girl. I had two older brothers, and one younger brother. The first balls I drained belonged to my brothers. I was their cum dumpster and I loved it. Now, I drain my three horny sons’ balls. Sometimes, I drain them all together like I did this morning. Today was the first day back to school since the pandemic hit. They have been in a virtual classroom which is much easier to get up for than the real thing. We were all out of practice and running late, so it took a bit of finessing to get them to school on time. When we are not pressed for time, I suck them off individually. Today, I needed to exhibit some time management, so I put all three cocks in my mouth at once. I almost puked. Honestly, I struggled to suck on three hard teen cocks at once, but I did it. I dirty talked them and triple sucked them into cumming all over mommy’s big tits and face. And, I did it again when they came home from school too.

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