Dirty talking women for Master

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are exactly what Master wants. I surprised him for Christmas and invited over a bunch of my slutty snuff girlfriends to play with us and have some fun. He sure does appreciate my efforts because he has been giving me extra spankings for the past few days which is exactly what I have been craving! It feels so good to be so bad and naughty for Master. Some of my girlfriends can tend to be a little shy so we slip some roofie pills into their drinks to loosen them up a little bit, hehe. It’s fun to watch them start to slur and slip into a sad demise of submission. When they’re like that, they’re perfect for Master to play with and keep wrapped around his finger! Master prides himself on being able to handle all of us snuff sluts together at once. I enjoy laying them on their backs and gaping them open so that Master can see just how wet and horny they really are for him! If they start to come back to consciousness, we just slip some more drugs into their system and knock them right back out! I love having super dirty phone talk, it makes me feel so special and desired, hehe.

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