Dirty Talking Women Fuck Like They Talk

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best in bed. Most men know that. Most men want that. If a woman is uninhibited in the way she talks, she is the same way in how she fucks. I talk like a sailor and I fuck like one too.  I have a girlfriend who is the same way. She loves to talk dirty and fuck even dirtier. We went out clubbing last night. Two cougars were on the prowl for younger men. In a big city, there is no shortage of younger men who want to fuck older women. We went to a club, picked up not two, but four cubs. College boys looking to pick up mature women. Even younger men know milf phone sex sluts are the best fucks. My husband does not care that I am a whore. He knows he married a slut wife who loves cock half her age or younger. My friend, however, does not have such an enlightened husband. That is okay. She is my friend and she can fuck any stud she wants at my place. We each had two young cocks in us at once last night. Things got wild though because at one point in the night, we each had 4 young cocks in us. The boys wanted to see how much cock a cougar could take. This cougar can take two cocks in any hole, and the other two cocks in what is left open, LOL. I had two cocks in my cunt at once. She had two cocks in her ass. All our holes got stuffed with cock, even double stuffed. Wife phone sex never looked so hot, did it? My husband loved watching me take on four younger studs. Too bad my friend’s husband is not as enlightened. Would you watch your wife fuck younger, multiple men too?

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