Dirty Talking Women Get Off On Rape Fantasies

Dirty Talking Women love helping you with your rape fantasies. Being a submissive whore has taught me to get used to getting tied up and fucked. If you have wanted to make your rape fantasy come true, a submissive whore is perfect for you. I am used to getting my holes used and fucked. When you tied me up and told me I was going to take your big cock no matter what, it turned my cunt on. You forced your cock in my mouth and chocked me. It only made you harder and leak your pre-cum down my throat.

Dirty Talking Women

Quickly you pulled your dick out of my mouth and bent me over ripping my asshole as you shoved your cock deep in me. You shove my head down telling me I am just a hole for you to use and nut in and it gets me off. I feel my pussy squeeze and cream your cock. You knowing I wanted you to fulfill your rape fantasy with me and that I came so hard got you off. You filled my hole up until I was leaking your nut out. That is why I love Dirty phone talk I get to fulfill all you want while I get off.  

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