Dirty talking women get punished

dirty talking womenMy son over heard me on the phone with a guy that I have been fucking on the side. I didn’t think that he would be bothered by hearing my conversations. I was so wrong. He hid in my room while I was taking a shower and getting ready for a date. As I was sitting at my vanity in nothing but my bra and panties, he walked up and grabbed me by my hair. He drug me over to the bed and demanded I tell him who I was on the phone with. He said that dirty talking women deserve to be taught a lesson for being such whores! He pulled out a knife and ran it up my stomach, in between my tits and sliced my bra right off. He sucked on my huge, sexy tits as he slid the knife down my side and cut my panties off. He kissed and licked all over my tits and neck as I cried and begged him to stop. He told me that if I was going to get fucked, then he was going to be the one doing it! I screamed into his hand as he held me down and force fucked his own mother! After he fucked me and came in me, he spit on me and then walked away telling me to cancel my date because I was his whore now.


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