Dirty Talking Women Get Submissive

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women get submissive, and I make sure I’m a submissive whore for you. My masters know I will follow direction and take all their punishments and rewards. Makes me think of my last session with my master. He had tied up to the bed posts. His favorite is the flogger. He loves the sound of the straps as it hits my skin. He went all over my body using his flogger hard to make my skin sting and red. He shoved his cock in my mouth as he spanked my pussy and fingered my ass. I get so wet and gooey when he uses my body the way he does. I was hoping he would reward me by fucking my pussy hard and deep until I came on his cock. But the more he fingered and played with my ass the more I knew he was going to be fucking my ass that night. As I felt his balls swollen with his cum, he pulled them out my mouth and lifted my legs over his shoulders. Using the wetness from my pussy he shoved his cock in my ass. He went deep and would hold it there so I can feel it throb inside me. He kept pounding my ass as hard and deep as he could, he played with my clit fast looked in my eyes and told me to cum now! What master asks for he gets and I came hard. Feeling my pussy pulse sent him over the edge and I felt his cock pulsing and pumping gooey hot cum in my ass. He left me tied up the rest of the night but made sure to take lots of pictures.  

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