Dirty Talking Women get you the sissy hole you need

Dirty Talking Women will give you the sissy cunt hole you need. After you met me you paid me to get you what you need. That’s a sissy cunt hole. Lucky for you I have that and you paid me good money to get him ready for you. Once you came in you wanted him to suck on my big mom tits. “Come suckle on mommy” I say as I pull my big jugs out. Right away mommies sissy son latches on. As he sucks on my tits, you pull your cock out.

You stroke your pcock right by my face. “Suck on my dick and show your sissy son what to do” you demand. I got paid already. Therefore I start sucking your cock like a good whore I am. It was sloppy and wet. So wet from my spit and your pre-cum. Some started to drip on my breast feeding son. It is his turn to suck my big cock. “Slurp up his dick just like you did mommies nipples” I say to my son as I push his head towards your dick. Finally when he starts to suck your dick all you can do is grunt. I watched as my son sucked you up.

Dirty Talking Women

When you were ready you said, “Show your son how to bend over for some cock”you directed me to do. That’s when I bent him over and spread his ass for you. Once you felt the head of your sloppy cock against his man pussy, you rammed him hard. My son let out a yelp but you just started fucking him like a beast.  “That’s it, milk me sissy whore!”  You grunt loudly. Then I knew that you were spraying all your sperm deep into my son’s pussy. After you were done you thanked me for using my sissy cum dumpster son as you left.

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