Dirty Talking Women Have Foot Fetishes Too

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women cater to all kinds of fetishes. I am a submissive whore, but I have a shoe and foot fetish. Usually, I am the one worshiping a man’s feet and fucking a shoe for his visual enjoyment. I met Joey at a fetish club. It was a bondage club, but he was there looking for a woman with pretty feet. I was wearing sexy black thigh highs and high heels. He was immediately drawn to me for that reason. I asked him if he wanted to go into one of the private rooms. I could see the way he was looking at me. I knew he was looking for kinky phone sex. I offered myself up to him since he was nervous. He was not like the other men in the club. He did not give off a creepy vibe. Nor did he seem like a sadist. That is why I approached him before one of the darker minded men snatched me up. He was not interested in bondage. He wanted to worship my feet. I got to switch roles for once. I made him lick my stocking clad feet. I shoved my whole foot down his throat. While he worshiped my left foot my right foot massaged his balls. I took one of my shoes and inserted it into my cunt to give him a show. He came hard on my foot. Normally, I clean up the mess on the foot, his foot or mine. But he wanted me to feed that foot to him too. He cleaned up his own mess. I am a phone sex milf and a submissive whore. It is very rare that I get to be in charge or dictate the outcome. Good thing he met me before he met some other whore who would not know what to do with a man like that.

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