Dirty talking women have no filter

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women have no filter. They love to be your complete sluts. I knew I was about to become a whore once I went on a tangent about how much of a whore I indeed was to a group of horny men.

The drinks got to me, and I begin to start talking recklessly. There’s no stopping me. I let them know what kind of a slut I am and how much I enjoy thick cock.
You can’t say that to a group of about a dozen men without for a moment thinking they wouldn’t want to test drive you and see how slutty you indeed can be. It’s not rocket science; I got them all so riled up and made them want to break the rules.
They each want to fuck my holes and make me their cum slut one by one and possibly all at the same time. They all want to jizz inside me and want me to be their sex toy. I have nothing to say about this plan. My mouth did enough talking, so now it’s time to show what I can do.

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