Dirty Talking Women Help You Explore Your Love for Tiny Ones

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know what you want for the new year. You want to fuck little pussies and asses. I have a bunch of step grand brats I am raising because their whore mommy is in prison. These brats need to earn their keep. They are too young to get jobs, but they are not too young to fuck. Is anything too young to fuck? I mean with the right amount of lube, anything fits. You just need to be patient. My brats hated fucking for money initially, but like anything in life, the more we do something, the more we like it, right? They realize that being my whores is a small price to pay for the stability I can offer them and the nice lifestyle too. Before me, they lived in one dirty ass trailer after another. Sometimes they lived in their mom’s dirty old car too. They never had new clothes or a warm bed to sleep in. They never had the nice gadgets and toys that other little ones had either. Now, they have their own rooms in a nice house. They have new clothes. They have computers and cell phones. They go to the best schools. They have me now as their mommy phone sex whore. I love them, but there are 6 of them and that is a lot of extra expense for me. I have 6 of my own, which is a lot. Now that I have twelve boys and girls to take care of, the young ones must be little whores for me.  They must help pay for the nice life that they have. They all enjoy fucking for money now, even if it hurts their little holes. They like the life that money affords them. They want to please me too. The rent a daddies spoiled them all this weekend too. Sex sells. I make good money doing phone sex, but not enough to support 12 boys and girls. Luckily, many men like you want those young pussies and tight assholes.

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