Dirty Talking Women Initiation!

dirty talking women

This is a full blown dirty talking women initiation!  When my oldest son told me he was dating someone new, I never dreamed it would be Harlot Debbie! To know our kinky family ways she has to be introduced to family p-mom and daddy ways!

She needs to know how things work around here so that when we have family orgies she won’t be freaked out.

Tradition has it that we share her with my granddaughters and all three sons! I shouldn’t have been surprised by how well she took to our fun! ! I have no clue why my boy was shy about introducing her to us. I pulled out a bong and a few lines and this whore was revving to go. I was in the mood for romantic incest fun. I had the lights dimmed for dinner and in my room. Rose petals on the bed, soft music, strawberries dipped in chocolate all the womanly desires!  I let him take her to my room after dinner and waited just a little before I joined them. He had her on the bed kissing her. While her eyes were closed I slid next to her and I replaced his hands with mine on her already wet pussy. Her moaning got louder and she started shoving her pussy into my hand.

I inserted two fingers deep inside her and began working that pussy like only mommy knows how.

She came all over my fingers and by the time she opened her eyes and realized it was me, it was too late. My youngest grand daughters were sitting at the bedside and I lifted each ass up to her mouth so she could taste sweet baby cunny!  I masturbated while I watched him fuck her and we all came together. It was the perfect initiation. And now look. Debbie is a dirty phone talk slut like cougar carmen. Lets phone fuck so we can make sure she is bred in right!


dirty phone talk

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