Dirty Talking Women is Something to Be Thankful For

dirty talking women

Be thankful this year for dirty talking women. We help make your life great. A woman like me knows how to get you to explore your hottest taboo fantasies too. When David called me, he wanted a mommy call. But I could sense he wanted more of a family call. However, he seemed shy to tell me he had age play fantasies too. I can tell when a guy has an interest in my offspring. It’s in the questions that they ask.

So, I asked the right questions. And before long David’s dream came true. His real dream. He may have said he wanted to be my mother fucker. But I knew mommy phone sex was not all he wanted. So, I let him explore something kinkier than mommy son sex. I let him fuck his daughter we had from incest. When I told him he knocked up mommy and now we had a daughter who needed his cock too, I could hear him slapping his meat even harder.

He even asked me, “How did I know.” I told him it is my job to pick up the cues and innuendo. Many guys are afraid to say what they want, but there is no need to be afraid or embarrassed. I am a no taboos phone mommy. Nothing will ever be off limits with me.

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