Dirty Talking Women Jordan

Dirty Talking WomenUsually, I’m your sweet little teen girl with my school skirt and shorts, short too that shows off my cute and perky nipples! Baby, I can still be all of that for you while also being a dirty talking woman who is ready to be spread wide to take your daddy dick deep inside of my throbbing and pink pussy! I usually come home late from school but you already knew this from watching me every day. You noticed that I spend a lot of extra time with my math teacher and you even got a close-up view of me sucking his cock for those good grades that you see me show to my mommy and daddy! Now you know my secret. What will you do with it? What will become if you and I? Of us when you confront me about my sinful ways with an older man who isn’t you…? What does this make you feel and want to do to my sweet, tight body? Ready to be taken at any moment. On my way home from school, you seem to just appear from the shadows as you grab me by my tits and haul me into your car. I scream and my pussy leaks out cum down my leg from the scare! You shove photos in my face and I realize what is happening. I lean back and spread my pussy lips wide open for you to see. Stare into my used-up but still so-tight cunt. You run your hands up my shirt and grab these tits hard! My moans fill the car and you call me such a whore for getting wet at the way you handle me. I moan even louder when your cock enters me and full force, your balls smacking my ass as you fill me up too!

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