Dirty Talking Women Keep Your Secrets

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women can be your best friends. I keep your dirty little secrets. And I love it too. The kind of secrets I keep for men are the kind that can ruin marriages and careers. I am a sissy trainer. I help men suck cock, transform into pretty girls and live their best beta bitch lives. But all the sissy boys in my life hide their cock sucking side from wives, coworkers, and friends. I do not blackmail guys. Although I could with all the secrets I hold.

But loose lips sink ships, you know. Take Oscar for example. Not his real name. I am too discreet to spill all the beans. His job and his wife would never accept him dressed in pinks on his knees sucking big black cocks. Oscar is a black cock whore. And when he is with me, he is no longer Oscar.  He is a black cock faggot. Even though I have pictures of him sucking big black cock, they will never be shared. He just likes knowing that I could blackmail him.

No one who meets Oscar would ever picture him on his knees in a glory hole sucking cock. But that’s the glory of sissy training. No one needs to know but us. Think you ready to be a sissy boy?

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