Dirty Talking Women know how to be submissive sluts

Dirty Talking Women love being submissive for their master. They will always be ready to eat a big master cock. I know after days of not being fed and being thirsty, I look forward to my master taking me out of my cage. Yesterday he finally decided to let me free, but to use me as his toilet. After I crawled out of my cage I beg my master to please feed. With his back hand to my face I get back in line and just open my mouth.

“You worthless whore, you know not to speak out of term and to never ask anything of me”. “ I apologize, master, please forgive me” is all I could say before he slapped my stupid mouth. Then I opened it right back up and my master pulled his cock out and started pissing. I was so dehydrated that I swallowed every drop of his piss. But the hunger pains were making my body weak. He told me to get up and bend over and as soon as I did, his paddle hit my ass.

Dirty Talking Women

First it was feeling good, but then the pain got so bad I couldn’t feel my hunger pains anymore. All I could think about was my ass hurting. When I was about to fall over, he stuffed his cock in my mouth again and fed me a cock meat sandwich. I was so hungry as soon as I tasted his pre-cum I started sucking his cock even harder. Finally, his hard dick was started to pump his semen into my mouth. Since my master had not fed me I ate every single drop like it would be my last meal. Who knows when my master would remember to feed me again.  

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