Dirty Talking Women know how to bring in the year

Dirty Talking Women know how to bring in the new year with a bang. A ganbang to be exact. That is what I did and I got paid for it. Since i am a hooker slut, i got paid to fuck all those dicks. It started with me being drunk and going to a party.  At the party I started dancing in the middle of the room. Therefore I was getting attention from all the guys. Therefore I stripped all my clothes off.

I know my sexy body will always get me anything I want. One of the guys came up to me and whispered in my ear “do you want to make some money?” “hell yeah i do “ i responded back. When it comes to money I don’t play around. I will do anything for money, as long as I get to party while doing it. “Meet me in the back room” he said and walked away. After a few more shots I went to the back room.

Dirty Talking Women

When I got there, all I could see was a bunch of horny guys. “Come be the life of our party” the guy said while giving me a wad of cash. I do love money, I thought to myself. Therefore i busted down a few more lines of blow and snorted them all. Once the drugs hit my system I got on my knees and started sucking any dick I could reach.

“This sexy hooker is worth the money” one of them said as he aimed his cock for my ass. Since i was high and drunk i didn’t care what hole they fucked. As long as I get my money and get to party that is what matters. One after the other they took their turn getting milked by me. I brought the year in right by milking a room full of dick and being high while making money.

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