Dirty Talking Women Know How To Sell Thier Holes

Dirty Talking Women are filthy trashy whores who know how to sell their holes for anything they want or need. I needed my rent paid so I told my landlord to come get his check. I opened the door in a bathrobe, as he walked in I dropped my robe. I turned around and I told him I needed help with the rent. I’ll do anything.

Dirty Talking Women

I got on my knees and sucked his cock he pulled me up and told me he gets his dick sucked all the time. He wanted to fuck my asshole, I bent over and I spread my ass cheeks for him. He spit on my asshole and pushed his fat dick in my rosebud. He loved how deep I could take his cock and told me if I give him my asshole whenever he wants to use it to milk his cock, that my rent would be paid every month. That encouraged me even more and I bounced my ass back on him and milked his cock so well he couldn’t help but cum hard inside my asshole. I could feel it pulsing and pumping his cum in me. Dirty phone talk lets me be the trashy whore I love being.

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