Dirty Talking Women know how to use little fuck toys

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Fantasy mom

“Suck it like grandma has taught you” I say sternly. Your cock keeps fucking my sissyboys mouth hard he starts choking. “That’s the sound that tells me you’re ready to get fucked” he moans out as he pops his cock out your sissy mouth. “Ride pdaddies cock like a good whore” he demands of you. Since you have been groomed well you get right on his cock. That sissy cunt can take all his dick, just like I have taught you.

“Keep sucking on your sissy brothers clitty” I demand of your little sister. She knows to not disobey me. Therefore she sucks you hard while you grind your sissy pussy on that pdaddy trick. Finally he starts to pump his sprem inside you. That makes you explode from your sissy clitty into your little sister’s mouth. This nasty bitch loves using her little fuck toys to milk your pdaddy cock. It’s the best way to make money. 

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