Dirty Talking women Know Nasty!

dirty talking women

Older dirty talking women know the kind of nasty you need. My landlord is a slumlord and dirty pervert. He knows that I have been getting his son high and fucking him almost every weekend. I told the little boy whore to keep his mouth shut. But boys will be boys and they like to brag about a cougar fuck! I couldn’t hide the fact that his son was starting to bring his friends over, knowing I would blow them and offer her up my bald cougar cunt. Can I help it that this experienced mouth and throat can take a hard young cock and milk those balls for all their worth?


I have never been ashamed to say that I love young dick! 


 Well, I guess daddy caught wind of how much these boys were enjoying my pussy and cock sucking skills!. Because the next thing I know I had daddy bang on my door demanding twice as much rent for using his boys dick. I answer the door with my titties showing and enjoying my hands laughing at him. I said you should be giving me free of it but as I’m satisfying your boy and all his friends and I’m not charging. I do it strictly for the pleasure. And a state would have it My daughter ran through the house naked seeing the landlord she came to say hi. Instantly I saw his beady little eyes light up I knew I had a meal ticket with my daughter’s little tiny tight pussy until it was my seedy landlord that he could fuck her but I wouldn’t pay rent ever again. But I first he didn’t want to agree but as we shared a couple of lines of coke and his cock was buried and a young cunt I knew that I would have more money for cocaine as my rent would be free from now on. 

If you like how nasty I am then join me for the nastiest dirty phone talk!


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