Dirty Talking Women Like Me…

dirty talking women

You might think that a sophisticated hottie like me might not be one of the most dirty talking women around, but you know what? You’re absolutely wrong about that! See, the ones you would least suspect are usually the ones who are the best at it. It’s kind of like when people on crime shows say “Well, I never suspected him. He was so quiet.” Except I am a lot more fun than a crime show! I have a dirty mouth that can make it seem like your hottest fantasies are actually coming true even though we’re just talking on the phone.

Now, I want you to really stop and think about what you want to talk about before you call me. What’s the one thing that really makes your dick harder than anything else? Is it a taboo fantasy that you know you could never do in real life for fear of getting into lots of trouble? Well, you can talk about it with me and I’ll make it better than it would have been in real life anyway. Don’t wait any longer, baby! Get on the phone and call me so we can have a wild night together!

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