Dirty Talking Women Like Me

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the only women you should call! I love talking like a sailor about adult subjects; taboo subjects. I am an incest mom and a trashy milf. I love fucking younger men, even jailbait men. Recently, my youngest son’s best friend called the house phone looking for him. I didn’t think young boys and girls even knew how to call a house phone these days. Turns out the boy wasn’t really looking for my son, but was looking for me. He found my webpage look ingfor dirty milfs. He is not old enough to have paid dirty phone sex with me, but he is plenty old enough to masturbate for free on the phone with me. I told him it had to be our dirty little secret because my son would get jealous. Plus, I don’t want to go to jail. I look awful in orange. He wasn’t about to rat me out because he wants to fuck me too. Young boys make great lovers for sexy mature women. They can keep up and take direction. I told him all the nasty things I was going to do to his young body and he came so hard, I think my neighbors heard him from their house. Not an hour after our hot call, he showed up on his bike wanting to make fantasy reality. How could I say no?

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