Dirty Talking Women Like Young Ones

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love little ones. I was at a community block party this weekend. I met this young boy who was attached to me at the hip. He followed me around like a lost puppy. Been awhile since I had the total devotion of such a young boy. I did what any good cougar would do; I brought him home with me to fuck. One of the reasons mature sexy women love young boys and girls is that they take direction well. Whatever I want or need, a young one will do it for me. I just may have to guide him or her a little bit at first. It began with a sensual bubble bath. I had him draw the water for me. He washed my back and my hair. I had him slip a few fingers into my wet bald pussy too. First lesson was how to finger bang a woman until she cums. When I got out of the tub, he toweled me off, sat me on the edge of my bathtub and licked my pussy. That was lesson two. I had two cums, so I decided to reward the lad with a blowjob. From his reaction, it was clear he had never had one before. He came quickly, but a few minutes later he was ready to nut in my mommy pussy. That is what I love about young lovers. So many things I love about young guys. They take direction. They want to learn to please you. They are always hard for you and they get hard quickly after each cum.

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