Dirty Talking Women Love Big Loads

Dirty talking Women like me are major cum sluts. I love the way it tastes and feels. Since a young age when I tasted my first load, I haven’t been able to get enough of it. The lucky part is I get paid to swallow it and get filled up with gooey jizz. My last load I took was so massive. He came over and when I was sucking his cock and balls, I could feel how swollen they were it only got me more excited.

Dirty Talking Women

As he bent me over, I knew he was going to fuck me soo good. While he shoved his cock in my I played with my pussy thinking about all his nut filling me on it got me so excited I came hard all over his cock. This excited him so much I could feel his cock throb as he continued to fuck me, he stuck his finger in my ass. Then as he fingered my ass, I felt his big load shooting in my wanting cunt. It was so much it started shooting out of me. He is my new favorite big loader.  

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