Dirty Talking Women love nasty punishments

Dirty Talking Women like me will spread their pussy at the sight of their offspring getting fucked. So when I saw my boy bent over getting his pussy fucked by his uncle, I started playing with my cunt right away. My brother was ramming his thick hard dick in his nephew’s ass hard. In order for him to not be too loud my panties were in his mouth. Therefore I knew he could taste mommies cunt.

Dirty Talking Women

My cunt was wet and on fire so I walked in and just bent in front of my son. “Lick mommy while you get stretched open by your uncle like I did” I instruct my son to do. Right away he spit my panties out and started lapping at mommies holes. “You dirty sissy hoe, you’ll do anything as long as you have a dick in you” my brother moans out as he continues to abuse my son’s hole. The harder he rammed him the deeper my son’s tongue went into my ass.

It wasn’t much I could do to not cum. My cunt squirted into my son’s mouth. “Eat all of mommies juices” my brother instructed him to do while deep in his ass. Finally my brother’s balls tightened up and he started filling my son up with all his sperm. “You milk me better when you are licking your mommies asshole” my brother said to his nephew. I think the Dirty phone talk is what makes you bust the most. Hearing how hard you would fuck my offspring ass makes me cum so hard. 

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