Dirty Talking Women Love Rough Anal

dirty talking womenDirty talking women enjoy rough sex, especially rough anal sex. And no one fucks my ass better than my son. He loves my asshole. And he has fucked my asshole so much it prolapses with minimal effort. But my boy loves me. He brings me a big bag of coke before he destroys my asshole.

Last night, he summoned me to his apartment to make a hardcore anal porn. Although my asshole already hurt from another guy sodomizing me all night, I went to his apartment. I ignored his call once and the next day he fucked my asshole with a baseball bat for avoiding him. Like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, my son does not like to be ignored.

My Asshole Always Takes A Beating

When I arrived, I discovered he was not alone. He had ten friends over who wanted to sodomize a mommy whore too. And boy did they. Even though my boy brought me some good coke, I still felt them inside my prolapsed asshole. Not even a kinky phone sex whore can handle 3 massive cocks shoved up her asshole at once.  Not enough coke could make me not feel that.

Some of his pals wanted to fuck my mouth too. However, they wanted to fuck my mouth after they fucked my asshole. Gross. I could taste my own ass and I did not like it. Not at all. But what choice did I have? Me against about 10 guys? Not even on coke could I fend them off. So, I let my son, and his pals sodomize me like an anal porn star.

Today, I must sit on an ice pack to soothe my sore asshole. And boy did it hurt. I could not get my asshole back inside my ass. My son laughed at me, and zip tied it. And today, it remains zip tied until he decides to release my butthole.

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