Dirty talking women love to be tied up

Dirty phone talk

I remember the first time I realized I liked pain. I was a bratty teenager and thought that I was a bad bitch. I had been acting out by fucking all the boys and being a little slut. My dad had finally had enough. He told me that I needed to be put in my place and learn my position in this world. He took off his belt and made me bend over a chair and present my bare ass to him. It was completely and totally humiliating. Neither of my parents had seen me nude since I was a small child, and yet here I was with my ass exposed to my father. He took off his belt and wrapped it in a loop and told me he was going to teach me a lesson I wouldn’t soon forget. He whipped my ass with the belt nice and hard. Lick after lick until my bottom was on fire. I was in pain, but somehow my pussy was moistening at the same time. I was so confused and embarrassed. When he finally let me stand up and put my pants back on, my ass was blood red. I immediately went to my bedroom and had to masturbate. Ever since then I have realized that I am a submissive and pain and domination get me off. I have new man to control me now and make me submit. My Master spanks my ass every day and ties me up each time he fucks me. When he’s spanking my butt, my pussy is positively dripping it’s so wet, all thanks to the spanking my father gave me as a teen.

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