Dirty Talking Women Love To Get Nasty

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love to get nasty while having dirty phone talk! What can I say, i’m such a slutty teen whore, the nastier that we can get, the better, hehe! I want to force feed you out of my juicy asshole, I know you love putting your mouth up to it and sloshing all around, in and out with your wet tongue! Show me how fucking depraved you are, I love getting dirty as fuck! Shove a chocolate candy bar between my booty cheeks, slide it up and down and let me get my juices smeared all over it, I know you love that shit! When it’s nice and slippery wet, wiggle it into my fuck hole, stretch me out wide and make me moan! It feels so good as you fuck me deep! Now, take your teeth and yank it out of me! I want you to fucking eat it all down, taste how delicious my bodily fluids are while you indulge on my insides!

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