Dirty Talking Women Love To Get Off Too

dirty talking womenThe best dirty talking women are the ones that actively participate with you on the call. Like Audrey. I like to party, and I am a complete freak. Let’s both smoke a bowl, take a hit, do a line, take a shot and fuck. I will grab my dildo and you pull your dick out of your pants. While you stroke, I will fuck myself. Let’s have the hottest dirtiest roleplays we can think of. I can be your dirty daughter, nasty secretary or your hot ass sugar baby. Perhaps you want to be my coke dealer and require complete submission for my next fix. Let me slap my ass, pinch my nipples and gag on a dildo for you while you jerk your long thick cock for me. I want to hear you moan and I want to here the sound of your wet cock between your hands and I will lower the phone so you can hear my wet pussy. Then we will continue with our dirty phone talk until we both have incredible intense orgasms. Sound fun?

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